Biz Show

While many late night shows interview celebrities, The Biz Show interviews and CREATES business celebrities. Brands you know and the people behind them, all brought to the forefront. Interviewed by, Nate Holzapfel.

The Biz Show is a cable prime time half hour program that features lighthearted business related commentary, one business personality interview, and allows for a startup to pitch their business to America to sell their product.

  • Lighthearted look at today’s businesses and the people behind them.
  • Real life successes and experiences.
  • The Biz Show interviews and creates business celebrities.


Hosted by Nate Holzapfel

Nate is a successful entrepreneur, global philanthropist, international fashion designer, author, professional speaker and advisor to businesses. He is also a college dropout, son of a history teacher and raised in a small town in Utah.

Over the last few years Nate has become a desirable and highly compensated entertainer, speaker, and host. He has performed at over 100 live stage events and regularly appears on television and radio appearing as himself. Nate claims his secret is that he makes everyone besides himself the star at any venue he appears. He makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in the room. In that way, Nate is truly larger than life.